Saturday, November 9, 2013

The better massage therapists....

I love days when I know I did something good to somebody.

Today I had two clients, both had bad backs. One of the guys complained about a bad lower back pain on one side. At the beginning of every session I ask the client if he has any problem area I should work on.
I noticed right away that he had a bad knot there and told him so. I worked on it for a long time until it disappeared. He told me he sees massage therapists also. I asked if they told him the same thing, he said, only the "good ones" notice the knot.

I guess that means I am like a good professional massage therapist:)))

The other guy just got off the plane and complained about the center of his back. It was hard like steel.
Both guys left like walking on clouds, so happy were they.

I am glad I found my niche that fits me perfectly. A great massage combined with erotic massage.

By the way, have I mentioned that the second guy told me I should teach his girlfriend how to give a handjob? ;)