Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank you for helping me out....

I take a look at my calendar. B. said he would be coming from Arizona for a strapon session. I make a mental note, but don't count on it. Too many emails and phone calls about future visits, and many that never materializes.

So, I am pleasantly surprised when B. calls and wants to come over right away.
He is an older, very sensual guy. He skips the deep massage and just wants the erotic one. After I figured out what he likes, he starts reacting to my stimulation. He is definitely a good candidate for anal play.

We go on with a long prostate massage that he enjoys a lot. In about 40 minutes to the session, I put on my strapon gear and we start, nice and slow first. He is quite responsive, loves to look at himself in the mirror. When I finally finish him on his back, he comes and thanks me.

What surprises me are his parting words:

"Thank you for helping me out"

All of a sudden it dawns on me. This guy had difficulties getting what he wanted in Arizona and he is very grateful for having found it here in Vancouver. He's been looking forward to this for weeks.

Just another day when I feel like I have actually helped somebody, didn't just make him come. :)